Greetings from CEO

Our lives in modern society consists of our struggle with economic activities and the struggle to acquire more information. The reality with gold is that whoever does not put forth the effort required for achieving these goals even for a moment is going to fall behind. As pioneering immigrants, we, the Korean community have been guilty of two things which are thrift and being narrow-minded during a time when we should have been paying more attention to the economic trends in mainline industries. As we watched this phenomena, United Gold, has provided a service not only for our main customers but also for the Korean community to acquire knowledge about gold investments and to understand how to maintain our wealth. During the current world-wide economic crisis, we witnessed the spotlight on the gold bar and how it was being circulated.


Golden Goose Investment Strategy

We should start investing in gold. The trend of "Buy gold and hold" has started. There is a world-wide trend in investing in gold. On September 17th in 2008, the price of future gold for December in India broke $870 mark per troy ounce. There was a shocking $90 increase in the gold price which was an 11% increase in a single day. This was the first time that we saw this phenomenon since 1980, January 29th when the price of gold shot up to $64 in a day. About 430,000 shares of Gold ETFs, SPDR Gold share, were traded on that day. This indicates that regular gold investors' demand is soaring through the roof...


Why invest in gold?

Now, it's time to change our fixed idea about investment. The fact that the worldĄŻs richest are starting to turn their eyes towards gold investment shows how safe it is to invest in gold. This tells us that we, Koreans, should also take courage and be willing to understand the value of gold investment and start investing ahead of others. The honest opinion of investment experts is that we don't know how big the economic crisis is, how long it would last, and what the impact would be, since we have never experienced this before.