How to invest in gold. Q&A

As the financial crisis causes a world-wide economic recession, the duration of the volatility of the world stock market, the real estate market collapse, the unstable currency market, and the contraction of consumer demand is getting longer and longer. For this reason people started changing their investment portfolio from concentrating on the stock market to something more secure and stable. The worldĄŻs richest people are starting to invest in gold in measures unheard of. They are buying up gold bars and gold coins. Then, is it really safe to invest in gold as a method to increase our wealth?

In regard to the three main principles of investment which are: profitability, security, and liquidity, gold is far superior to stock and real estate. Gold is a commodity. You can always sell and liquidate it to cash. In particular, the pure gold price is moving up faster than the inflation rate. While the stock can default, gold always retains its value.
You can say that our state California was formed through the gold rush in the 19th century when gold was found accidentally and there was a huge inflow of people, building villages, and creating a new culture. The power of gold is that great. In the past, countries engaged in wars to find and acquire gold. They invaded other countries. They colonized other countries. We can also say that American currency, the dollar, was affected greatly by the large amount of gold found even to the point of setting the gold standard. Gold is still loved by many people. When you thing about the Olympic games, there are gold, silver and bronze medals. That means people value gold the most.

But, what about the investment in gold? How do you invest in gold? The term, "Gold Dealer" is not familiar to many people. And what is it that our company, United Gold, does?

There are many Korean immigrants to this country who know a lot about stock investment and real estate investment. But not so with gold. It's hard to find any institution to trust when it comes to gold investment. Some people were wondering how to invest in gold, and ended up buying gold jewelry thinking that's what gold investment is about. Some buy gold tortoises, gold pigs, and gold rings. However, these things are ornaments but not investment. These have nothing to do with gold bars and coins.
United Gold is trying to help people to buy gold as an investment vehicle and sell gold just a stock brokers help people buy and sell stocks with a little commission based on the real time price. Investing in gold in America is already a widely spread practice and is used as a safe investment method.

Since gold investment is fairly safe, will the price of gold continually rise?

When there is a crisis such as natural disasters, wars, world economic crisis, the value of the gold actually increases. Of course, the fact that the demand is higher than the supply, triggers the gold price to rise. Currently, gold trade is done in US dollars. When the dollar is devaluated, the gold price goes up. It's certain that the gold price, a commodity, is going to go up when there were many currencies printed in order resolve the financial crisis. That gold is then used to protect assets against inflation. Experts are expecting to see the rise of the gold price due to the imbalance in gold supply and demand. This explains why it's hard to acquire gold bars or coins. Therefore, it's becoming more popular to use gold investment as a method to reserve and sustain wealth, and as a method to overcome the economic crisis.

Then, is it possible to invest in gold with little money?
And what things do we need to be careful about when dealing with gold investment?

Currently, the gold price is about $750 per ounce and $24,000 for a kilo-bar. However, you can also invest in gold with little money. In order to be prepared for inflation, rather than thinking about making money, you can spend little money in gold investment, and the price of gold will soon be $2,000 or even $3,400 according to many experts. So, it's recommended to buy and hold the gold for a few years. In addition, it's recommended not to rush but make a plan according to your own needs. It's wise to invest little by little and diversify rather than investing everything you have in one place in order avoid risk.
In conclusion, we strongly recommend the Korean community to ask us, United Gold, an expert in gold investment, for any questions and to our Korean investors to consider gold investment as a good method to increase your wealth. We challenge you to invest in gold, an everlasting, safe investment commodity.