Greetings from CEO

We'd like to welcome all of you in the Korean community who are thinking about how to improve your investments.

Susan Kim, CEO of the United GoldWe believe that you are the forerunners of society, living as pioneers in this country, after leaving your native country. We are certain that you have achieved a lot already because you are pioneers in the economic center of the world. With 28 years of gold business experience in main street, we have started a division for Koreans to help each other and work together. We have learned for the last 28 years that despite of economic recessions, dollar devaluation, and the stock market crash, gold investment has been and is one of the most stable and outstanding of all investment strategies. I have seen so many who are worried whenever they see periodic recessions. So I decided that I should share my knowledge with all of you.

Many people still believe that gold investment is nothing but buying gold ornaments such as gold pigs, gold tortoises, and gold rings. However, the main stream of gold investment is the one of gold bars and gold coins that are changing according to the world-wide gold price. When you look at those with great wealth, their investment level in gold is beyond our imagination, and the price of gold proves how profitable gold investment is. Our hope is for you to maintain the wealth that you have already accumulated so far through the world-wide and diversified investment strategies.

I and our employees would like to be your hands in gold investment.

Susan Kim, CEO of the United Gold